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Product Maintenance:

Boat Saver Retractable Transom Tie-Down

Product Installation:
Boat Saver Retractable Transom Tie-Down
Vehicle Rod Carrier
Replacement Winch Straps

Re-Weaving Webbing through Buckles:
Deluxe Over-Center Buckle
Quick Release Buckle
Paddle Buckle
Ratchet Buckle
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TTD-3 Illustration 2

Rated Capacities:
The rated capacity of our products are based on the breaking strength of each product. If the product is sold in pairs, the rated capacity is based on an individual tie-down, not the pair. The rated capacity is determined by performing a pull test on each product till it breaks. The strength at which the weakest link of the tie-down assembly fails is the rated capacity of that product.

Limited Warranty:
O’Neill Mfg., Inc. provides a limited warranty for all products, protecting against factory defect and guaranteeing all products to perform as advertised. To be eligible for warranty replacement, a product must be installed and operated properly. Liability may not exceed factory replacement cost of product. O’Neill Mfg., Inc. disclaims liability for its installation, application and use.



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