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Transom Tie-Downs, 2" Wide


Ratchet Tie Down
The O’Neill Ratchet tie-down system is very easy to use and durable. The standard models are perfect for smaller boats, 17' or shorter (1" buckle pictured in left inset). The heavy-duty versions are include 2" nylon webbing, a coated top hook, a zinc chromate bottom hook and a built-in orange vinyl pad to protect your boat’s finish (2" buckle pictured in right inset). They’re great for medium to large run-about, pontoon or cuddy cabin boats. The stainless steel models are designed for all your
saltwater adventures.

R2TTD3 Two heavy-duty Ratchet tie-downs 1,500 lbs 2" x 3'
R2TTD5 Two heavy-duty Ratchet tie-downs 1,500 lbs. 2" x 5'


NEW: Retractable Transom Tie Down
We call our new retractable transom tie-down the boat saver because it is one of the best ways to secure your boat to the trailer. The boat saver swivels to ensure that webbing is pulled in a straight line to the boat transom eye. It also features an easy squeeze release mechanism. If you have an older trailer, you’ll need to purchase the optional mounting bracket that allows you to mount the boat saver horizontally.

RT40 Retractable Transom Tie-Down 1,800 lbs 40"
RTB Retractable Optional Mounting Bracket 5,500 lbs.  

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