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Vertical Mount Rod Saver
Vertical Mount Rod Saver
Poly Rod Strap

Rod Saver Carrier Systems

The Rod Saver Carrier System is a multi-use rod carrying system that allows you to transport your rods to your vehicle, in your vehicle, to your boat, or just store them at home. The multi-use rod carrier allows you to individually strap and separate 7 rods and tips to prevent them from getting broken or damaged during transportation. Whether in your vehicle or as hanging storage on your garage or cabin wall, Rod Saver’s Carrier System will do the job for you.

Rod Saver Vehicle Rod Carrier System
The Rod Saver Vehicle Rod Carrier System holds 7 rods conveniently. Spring clips allow for easy removal for storage when not in use. Adjustable from 40" to 72". The Rod Saver design holds each rod individually and securely. Designed for all types and sizes of trucks, including pickups — from mini-vans to Suburbans. Virtually any kind of overhead, vertical or wall applications.

VRC Vehicle Rod Carrier up to 7 rods

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