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Marine Tie-Down Systems
Bow Tie-Down 24"
Bow Tie-Down 80"
Boat Cover Tie-Down 36" (6 Per Package)
Boat Cover Tie-Down 48" (6 Per Package)
Economy Boat Cover Tie-Down 8' (6 pk)
Marine Cargo Strap
Battery/ Gas Tank Tie-Down
Stem to Stern Combo Tie-Down Kit
Boat/Cargo Tie-Down Kit
Dock Strap

Marine Tie-Down Systems

Marine Cargo Strap
Keeps your equipment from sliding all over the boat. Secure your tackle box, cooler, or virtually anything firmly to the boat. The polypropylene belt is adjustable from 18" to 72". Each end of this belt has a sewn-on, nickel-plated clip. It adjusts with a 500 lb. cam buckle, and includes two small footmen loops. Clips allow for removal when not in use.

MCS Marine Cargo Strap 18" to 72"

Gas Tank, Battery Tie-Down Strap
If you're looking for a product that will hold gas tanks or batteries securely, we have it for you. Constructed of a 48" long polypropylene belt and nickel-coated steel footmen loops to hold your gas tank or any other bulky item. A black, corrosion resistant buckle allows for quick release and easy tightening.

BGTD Battery/Gas Tank Tie-Down 48"


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