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Marine Tie-Down Systems
Bow Tie-Down 24"
Bow Tie-Down 80"
Boat Cover Tie-Down 36" (6 Per Package)
Boat Cover Tie-Down 48" (6 Per Package)
Economy Boat Cover Tie-Down 8' (6 pk)
Marine Cargo Strap
Battery/ Gas Tank Tie-Down
Stem to Stern Combo Tie-Down Kit
Boat/Cargo Tie-Down Kit
Dock Strap

Dock Strap

Replace your worn out dock lines with the new Dock Strap from Rod Saver. The Dock Strap is adjustable from 2’ to 10’. Each end of the Dock Strap has a loop sewn in to it for easy attachment to the dock and boat cleats. Once attached, a quick tug on the loose webbing, and your boat is secure to the dock. To release simply push the cam buckle. No more tight knots or tangled rope.


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