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Marine Tie-Down Systems
Bow Tie-Down 24"
Bow Tie-Down 80"
Boat Cover Tie-Down 36" (6 Per Package)
Boat Cover Tie-Down 48" (6 Per Package)
Economy Boat Cover Tie-Down 8' (6 pk)
Marine Cargo Strap
Battery/ Gas Tank Tie-Down
Stem to Stern Combo Tie-Down Kit
Boat/Cargo Tie-Down Kit
Dock Strap

Bow Tie-Downs

The choice is yours. We sew two styles of bow tie-downs constructed with a super strong nylon belt, and a third style of polypropylene for lighter loads at a lower price.

24" Bow Tie-Down
The 24" Bow Tie-Down is our most popular, a unique design made with an adjustable slip harness to fit most trailer bars. Built with a strong nylon belt and a 1,200 lb. cam buckle. Approximately 24" of adjustment.

80" Bow Tie-Down
The 80" Bow Tie-Down is a double hook bow tie-down constructed of strong nylon belt and a 1,200 lb. cam buckle. Designed for taller bow-to-trailer heights, with a total length of 80".

BTD-1 Bow Tie-Down 24"
BTD-2 Bow Tie-Down 80"

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