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Fishing Accessories
  Light Saver
Deluxe Kicker Motor Strap
Marine Whistle
Reel Wrap (small)
Reel Wrap II (medium)
Crank Wrap 3" x 8"
Crank Wrap II 5" x 7"
Utility Sheath
Map Saver-Red
Measuring Board Sleeve 2"
Measuring Board Sleeve 3"

Marine Accessories

Crank Wrap
Both Crank Wrap wrap-arounds are designed for lures with sharp hooks, crank baits, or plastic worms. Constructed of flexible clear vinyl with pack cloth backing and hook and loop closure. The crank wrap keeps hooks from embedding in carpet or cloth and stops baits from tangling with other rods and reels Great for keeping baits moist and out of sun. (Lures not included.)

CW Crank Wrap 3" x 8"
CW 2 Crank Wrap II 5" x 7"


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